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Island Transit Commuter Vanpools

Island Transit has provided additional transportation service through our Commuter Vanpool Program since its launch in 1988. Island Transit Commuter Vanpools have helped to reduce Island County’s carbon footprint, the traffic congestion during commutes onto and off the island to a large assortment of employment centers and saves wear and tear on our infrastructure.


What Are The Perks for Me?

1.     Save money

a.     You can save wear and tear on your own vehicle by using our commuter vans. All fuel, maintenance, insurance and most tolls are included as part of the program. As a bonus, some personal automotive insurance providers offer discounts to their clients for participating in a vanpool program.

2.     Preferred HOV/Carpool parking at most work sites

a.     Most employers offer convenient carpool/vanpool/HOV parking.

3.     Faster commute

a.     Vanpools can use HOV lanes on all major roadways including free use of I-405 toll lanes and priority ferry loading.

4.     You set the schedule, route and meet up locations

a.     Recruit co-workers, neighbors, or other interested parties to form a group. Your group determines the route, the timing and the meet-up locations.

5.     Employer commute incentives

a.     Many employers provide a subsidy for vanpools.

6.     Reduce commute stress

a.     As a rider, you can sleep, read, work or enjoy conversation with the group.



How Do I Get Started?

To start and maintain a vanpool, you must begin with a minimum of 5 and up to 15 people. Each group has a designated vanpool manager/coordinator, a bookkeeper and at least two drivers.  Drivers must be approved and receive driver orientation before operating the vanpool vehicle. Each vanpool rider fills out a Vanpool Rider Agreement and the drivers fill out an additional Vanpool Driver Application and attends the Vanpool Driver Orientation. The group cooperatively decides on a proposed route, pick-up points and schedule.

Our free ride matching service can assist in finding new riders.  Rideshareonline.com

Island Transit Vanpool Program Coordinators will assist you at every step along the way.


What Will It Cost Me?

Vanpool fare is based on van size, total van monthly mileage and your percentage of the mileage.  The more riders in the van, the lower your fare. Your vanpool fare covers the cost of operating the van which include fuel, maintenance and insurance. Fares are due no later than the 10th of each month for riding the previous month. Island Transit does not collect payments in advance.

Are you Ready to Get Started?

Call 360-678-7771 press 1 for Whidbey Island, then 3 for Commuter Vanpool and Julie or Staci will be happy to assist you.

Email: vanpool@islandtransit.org


TTY Relay: 711

Contact Us

19758 SR 20
Coupeville, WA 98239
(360) 678-7771


Hours of Operation:
M-F 3:45 AM-8:45 PM
Sat: 7:30 AM-6:30 PM
M-F 5:00 AM-7:45 PM
Sat: 7:3 AM-6:30 M

A fare-free public transit agency.


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