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About the bike rack

  • Types of bikes permitted on the rack: Single seat, two wheeled bikes are permitted. 
  • Types of bikes not permitted on the rack: Tandem, recumbent, three-wheeled or motor-driven. 
  • Both tires must fit into the tire slots and the support hook must secure tire. 
  • Bikes are permitted inside the bus by Operator’s discretion only.

When transporting bicycles inside the bus, the following rules apply:

  • Seating for passengers will always take priority over space for bicycles.
  • Bikes must be secured and the owner should sit near their bike. 
  • Bikes must stay clear of the aisle way. 
  • If a rider in a wheelchair is occupying the securement area, the bike will not be allowed onboard the bus.
  • If the wheelchair securement area is needed by a rider mid-journey, the bike will need to be removed. If there is no room to move the bike to the rack, the rider must disembark the bus with their bike and may have to wait for the next bus.
  • Muddy or greasy bikes are not permitted inside the bus.
  • Island Transit is not responsible for damage to bicycles. 



TTY Relay: 711

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