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Island Transit now has an ideal, fun way to show you how to use the fixed route system.

Click on the link below to see the Guided Tour schedule:

Island Transit Guided Tours


We have taken out some of the guesswork for you!   The chart below shows common places you can take the fixed route system on both Whidbey and Camano Islands.  Just hover and click on the bus numbers referenced in the chart and it will redirect you to the timetables for the bus route specified.  

Camano Commons M: 3-7 Rts  12 Clinton-Mukilteo Ferry Rts  15758
Clinton Th: 3:30-7 Rts  158 Coupeville-Port Townsend Ferry Rts  6Sat. 1
Langley F:  2-6 Rt  58 San Juan Ferry 411W (transfer to Skagit 410)
Bayview Sat: 10-2 Rt  1    
Tilth (near Bayview) Sun: 1-2 Rt  1    
Coupeville Sat: 10-2 Rt  1    
Oak Harbor Th: 4-7 Rts  310411W    
Coupeville Town Hall Rts  16   Island County Superior Court Rts  16
Langley City Hall Rts  58Sat. 1   Island County District Court Rt  12
Oak Harbor City Hall Rts  12Sat. 22   Island County Human Services Rts  16
Camano Plaza IGA Rts  1Sat. 5   Haggens, Oak Harbor Rts  161012Sat. 22
Camano Elger Bay Store Rts  2Sat. 5   Ken's Korner Red Apple Rts   15758
Camano to Stanwood to Haggen’s Rt  3   Langley Star Store Rts  57Sat. 1
Clinton Food Mart Rts  15758   Prairie Center Red Apple, Coupeville Rts  16
Freeland Payless Foods Rts  15657   Safeway, Oak Harbor Rts  161012Sat. 22
"The Goose" - Bayview Rts  1,  57   Walmart, Oak Harbor Rts  161012Sat. 22
Whidbey Health & Clinics, Coupeville Rts  16   Whidbey Community Physicians Rt  10
Whidbey Health South, Clinton Rts  15758   Puget Sound Kidney Center Rts  411WSat. 22
Whidbey Health North, Oak Harbor Rt   411W   Camano Island Healthcare Clinic Rts  12Sat. 5
Camano Library All Camano Routes   Freeland Library Rts  15657
Coupeville Library Rts  16   Langley Library Rts  57Sat. 1
Clinton Library Rts  15758   Oak Harbor Library Rts  310Sat. 22
Langley Whale Center Rts  58Sat. 1   Coupeville Historical Museum Rts  16
South Whidbey Historical Museum Rts  58Sat. 1   Oak Harbor's PBY-Naval Air Museum Rts  12Sat. 22
Broadview Elementary Rt  10   Oak Harbor Elementary Rt  12
Coupeville Elementary/High School Rts  16   Oak Harbor High School Rt  12
Crescent Harbor Elementary Rt  3   Oak Harbor Intermediate Rt  10
Elger Bay Elementary (Camano Isl.) Rts  2Sat. 5   Olympic View Elementary School Rt  10
Hillcrest Elementary Rt  10   South Whidbey Schools Rts  5758Sat. 1
North Whidbey Middle School Rt  12   Skagit Valley College (Oak Harbor) Rts  310Sat. 22
Clinton Rts  1  5758   Greenbank Rts  1  56
Ken's Korner Rts  1 5758   Coupeville Rts  16
Langley Rts  5758Sat. 1   Oak Harbor Rts  1,  61012411WSat. 22
Bayview Rts  157   Camano Plaza (Camano Isl.) Rts  12Sat. 5
Freeland Rts  15657      
Coupeville (At Methodist Church) Rts  16   South Whidbey Senior Center  Rts  157
Oak Harbor Senior Center Rt  12      
Cama Beach State Park (Camano) Rts  1Sat. 5   Coupeville Schools Rts  6Sat. 1
Deception Pass State Park Rt  411W   Fort Nugent Park (Oak Harbor) Rt  6
Fort Casey State Park Rts  6Sat. 1   North Whidbey Middle School Rt  12
South Whidbey State Park Rts  571 (mid-day only)   South Whidbey Sports Complex Rts 58Sat. 1


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