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Love Your Commute!


SUBJECT: Love Your Commute and get a breath of fresh air!

Romance is in the air when you fall in love with your commute! Look into carpooling and share the love of sharing the ride. Check out RideshareOnline.com to find potential perfect matches – and while you’re in there, be sure to calendar your saved and shared trips so you can be on your way to qualifying to win some great Wheel Options rewards including a $1,500 digital reward and other rewards.  

 Need to rideshare with four or more people? Vanpooling may be just your type. Not sure what a vanpool is, how to start or how to join one? Contact a Vanpool Program Coordinator at vanpool@islandtransit.org

Want to share even more? Post a photo of your beloved Wheel Options commute to the Wheel Options Facebook page for your chance to win a $25 weekly gift code. Sharing is caring, right?


The Wheel Options promotion is hosted by the Washington State Ridesharing Organization (WSRO), a non-profit organization for individuals dedicated to encouraging policy makers, employers, and commuters to support the use of alternative transportation modes to reduce air pollution, traffic congestion, and energy consumption throughout Washington State and the Northwest. More information on WSRO can be found at www.wsro.net.

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